School Specialty Literacy and Intervention provides K–12 blended-media solutions that build core skills and close the achievement gap in reading and math.

Our comprehensive print and technology products from EPS, including our newest award-winning web-based solutions Academy of READING® and Academy of MATH®, give K–12 educators powerful instructional tools that deliver high-quality curricula in the most effective modality for each student.

To help you meet the changing demands in your districts and classrooms, our programs connect time-tested content with innovative pedagogy and technologies—a winning combination that will afford you more opportunities to reach all of your students.

Our depth of products and technology platforms enable us to develop customized blended-media solutions to ensure on-level students continue to meet their goals and at-risk students build proficiency in the foundation skills of reading and math. With these programs, students make  permanent gains to progress rapidly in their education and administrators meet AYP targets. From screening through to intervention, progress monitoring, reporting and professional development, we offer an integrated approach to Response to Intervention (RTI) that simplifies every stage of the process.

Professional Development
We offer robust professional development opportunities and resources, which range from providing topical information in the field of education, to teaching strategies in certain subject-areas to on-site implementation strategies geared towards making the most of our programs with your students.

To find more details on our best-selling Literacy and Intervention programs, please visit Wordly Wise 3000®, Academy of READING®, Academy of MATH®, S.P.I.R.E.®, MCI®, Explode The Code®, Making Connections®, Sitton Spelling and Word Skills®, and Professional Development.

Our Business Structure

School Specialty, Literacy and Intervention division, is part of School Specialty Inc., an education company devoted to providing a broad range of innovative programs and services designed to help educators engage, instruct, and inspire students of all abilities.

To learn more about School Specialty, Inc., please visit www.schoolspecialty.com.


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